Ron's approach and philosophy are informed by a chef's mindset and a unique organizational approach to Cooking and Design.  

Mise en Place -“everything in its place”.

A chef’s deep understanding of cooking and work flow needs, combined with a designer’s understanding of space planning, have allowed Ron to create a kitchen design model that organizes work zones by the types of activities happening there – whether it is prepping, cooking, serving, or even cleaning.

Most successful cooks and chefs around the world use this culinary approach, as highlighted by NPR in their recent article For A More Ordered Life, Organize Like A Chef. Through Ron's unique model, this same philosophy can be applied to kitchens of all types and sizes.

A beautifully designed and functional kitchen can do wonders to motivate anyone to want to learn how to cook.


Mise en Place

Ron's years of experience as a professional chef ensures that how you like to work and entertain in your kitchen will not be lost during the design process. Discovering your needs and preferences early in the process ensures a great result. Ron begins his interview process with a series of questions to create a kitchen unique to your specific requirements, with Mise en Place at its center.

These are a few of the questions that Ron might ask clients:

  •  What do you particularly like and dislike about your current kitchen?

  •  Do you like to cook? What is your favorite meal or dish to cook?

  • Are you considering using commercial equipment?

  • How often do you entertain? Do you hire outside caterers when you do large events?

  • Do you currently or plan in the future to have a private chef cook in your kitchen?

  • Or more simply, do you just want an intimate place to prepare a romantic dinner for two?

Along with directly working with residential clients, Ron can also consult with your architect, designer or contractor in adopting his specialized approach to your project.


I have enjoyed many meals cooked by Ron…each one of them was a gastronomical delight.
— Rose Tarlow