Ron Smoire Leads DOD Workshop


Mary Sue Milliken with moderator Ron Smoire

About the panel:

The Chef’s perspective fits beautifully into the idea of a well-functioning Contemporary Kitchen Design. A home cook’s view of the kitchen puts a priority on function but the aesthetics are also very important. This can create a challenge for the kitchen design professional when function comes first and aesthetics follow.

Some of the questions that will be addressed in the workshop: Is the kitchen triangle still important and relevant to today’s functioning kitchen? Is the use of commercial equipment in a residential setting necessary in these new high functioning kitchens in 2018? What appliances are necessary and which are really for show? And most importantly-What are the best practices needed for the kitchen of 2018 and beyond?

Top panel takeaways:

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 7.10.45 PM.png

1. Kitchens expanding and serving as entertainment hub

Ron’s Take:

Kitchens have evolved to communal gathering spaces that serve as the entertainment hub of the home.  As a result, it is more important than ever that the kitchen is functional and that the materials and equipment used make sense for how the kitchen will be used.


Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 7.18.41 PM.png

2.  Commerical Equipment in Residential Kitchens?

Ron’s Take:

1. Pilot Lights always on

2. Requires additional wall insulation and fire suppression systems

3. Increased CFM hood ventilation

4. Could require professional chef to operate

5. Heavy duty pots and pans required

6. Equipment warrantee and servicing in residential kitchens
maybe limited


Stories Behind Great Restaurant Design

Discover the design secrets behind the finalists for the 2018 AIA|LA Restaurant Design Awards during this annual attendee fave hosted by the American Institute of Architects Los Angeles. Sit in as restaurateurs, architects, designers, and the 2018 RDA jury engage in an informative and entertaining repartee that details why architects make specific choices, how design influences our culinary experience, and what ideas work for the jury. Then, find out the names of the 2018 AIA|LA Restaurant Design winners.

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